This game is created for the weekly game jam - Week 113.

Play with a warrior and kill all enemies. catch weapons and become the best in the arena. Survive 5min to win this fight.

How play ?

On the top left corner. This your hero bar, when she up in the hero area, the crowd will cheer you.

On the top right  corner. This your hero time bar. Run 5 min of acclamation.


4 weapons are available in games. Have fun !


Press  for move

Press  for attack

Press  for catch weapon under the ground

Team Development 

Choz : Game design & Programmation

Quevyn (Singular IT) : Game design & Programmation

Kayupla : Music & SoundDesign


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Like that you can pick up the enemies weapons. 
Would be better if there was a countdown timer of 5 minutes to survive, timer stays 0:00 right now. 
Ah now I play longer I see that you gain time when your green bar has reached hero state. However I can just stand still and wait for it to become 5:00 ,d on't have to fight. 

Thank you for playing :) 

At first it was the point, every second the hero bar had to drop a little and you had to fight to keep the bar above the limit. This little game is not finished, more like a demo.