You are the last castle to survive the monster attacks. How much longer can you survive?

Through this tower defense game, you will have to place your troops in order to survive as long as possible but be careful. You have a certain maximum amount of space allowed for your troops.


Keyboard Keyboard Gamepad
Move cursorArrow keys WASD Left Stick / DPad
Cancel actionX J X, LB, LT (Xbox)
Add towerC K A, RB, RT (Xbox)
PauseEnter Tab Start
Hide/Show StatsShift Space Select

-- Created for the GBJam 11 --



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I love tower defensive, and the classic gameboy palette it's perfect. But i can't know how many points i have to spend.

I cannot figure out how to place towers, it just opens and closes the menu.

I just saw that I had reversed the keys in the description. You need to open the menu and after that press again C to put tower (You need a space first to add tower)